When Will I Become Jaded?

I’m sure it will come at some point. Listening to all of my esteemed colleagues, who have been practicing far longer than I have, moan and groan about the system and about judges in particular, makes me wonder when I will become equally jaded. Because to date, I have been remarkably surprised about how accommodating the court has been towards me and my clients. There have been times when my clients have been late for court, or unprepared, or disrespectful (despite my efforts to make sure they are not) and still the court affords them a level of dignity that perhaps some might not think they deserve. And certainly I have demonstrated my ignorance on more than one occasion before the court only to have most judges take the time to explain to me the error of my ways.

I think bottom line, if you are polite and respectful to the court, it returns the favor. It only stands to reason that that would be the case. I have only really had a problem with two judges. One who ruled against me because he was mad at my boss (only to be overturned on appeal) and one who I think made an error regarding evidence (see my earlier post). But in general, my experience has been a good one marked by respect and civility. Maybe things will change, maybe I’ll become more jaded and cynical at some point. But I am not there, yet…

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