Two Powerful Women

I am struck by the fact that the two most recent appointments to the judicial bench, at least to me and my little practice, have been powerful women. At the national level, Judge Sonia Sotomayor will be sworn in this Saturday as the Supreme Court’s 111th justice, third woman and first nominee by a Democrat in 15 years. I was not practicing law when the previous two women were appointed to the Supreme Court so it has been interesting for me now to follow the nomination and confirmation of Judge Sotomayor. More locally, Judge Cynthia (Cindy) Callahan was sworn in on June 29th as the newest member of the bench of the Montgomery County Circuit Court.

For Judge Sotomayor, it was Princeton, Yale, NY County District Attorney’s office, private civil practice, informal solo practice, lots of public service, and then the federal bench. Judge Callahan started at St. Mary’s College, Columbus School of Law Catholic University (my alma mater), private practice, partner in ten years, solo practice, managing partner for Dragga, Callahan, Hannon, Hessler & Wills, LLP, and lots of public service.

Two very powerful women. Two very interesting careers. Two intriguing stories to follow…

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