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Attorney Neil Tyra works hard to provide the people of Rockville, MD with the best legal representation possible. This includes helping people through cases related to family law, estate planning, personal injury, and many other legal issues. Neil is passionate about providing each client with a custom approach based on their unique situation, and has earned a strong reputation for excellence. You don’t have to take our word for it, however. Take a moment to read through what some of the previous clients of The Tyra Law Firm have had to say about their experience:

We were Very Satisfied with our Estate Planning experience with Mr Tyra and his associates. Our goals for being prepared with all pertinent Estate Planning documents were met. All advice given was clear & concise, and our questions were answered completely & satisfactorily. Thank you!


My experience with The Tyra Law Firm, LLC was much easier than I thought it would be. I used their services on three separate occasions- the first time was while I was going through my divorce, the second time I asked for help with a personal injury case and received a wonderful referral to a lawyer who would specialize on my case, and the third time I turned to The Tyra Law Firm, LLC it was to have Mr. Tyra help me set up a “Special Needs Trust.”

I have turned to Mr. Tyra time and time and again because I feel as though he will tell me honestly what each legal matter will entail and even refer me to other lawyers if he feels the situation warrants it. Additionally, I feel as though I can ask questions when I’ve had them and that Mr. Tyra is an approachable lawyer, whereas some of the other lawyers I’ve meet do not appreciate the complexities that different legal cases may dig up, and are not as patient with their clients while explaining various legal situations. The law is complicated no matter what type of legal situation you may find yourself in, and Mr. Tyra is a lawyer that you know will explain the various legal situations you may face and look out for his clients.

Sarah M.

Open Letter
My Husband and I first wish you a Happy New Year and it’s never too late for good wishes to friends and acquaintances. Your help with our ‘predicament’ was, in reflection of 2009, a highlighted experience of the old year. And the reason is; we had lost faith in the legal system having gone through a very long, emotionally difficult, and expensive family concern years ago. Just the thought of needing to approach a lawyer again and to start the process was a thought we dreaded. Where would we begin, who could we trust, how long will this take – were just a few of the many questions we had. We called the firm that had written our wills and their approach was just as we feared; long, painful, expensive, and without a hint of an outcome until we met for an initial consultation in their office to ‘consult and start the process’. So, we were gun shy but in need of legal assistance. An acquaintance assured us that if there was a lawyer to work with, it would be Neil Tyra. I made the call, spoke with you personally and you immediately assessed our situation with that first phone call. You reassured us that after some research you would give us an honest approach. You did just that – the matter was resolved in a very short time and painless. Simply put, it was a startling experience! We said to each other, “You mean that’s it? It’s over?” And so, with complete confidence, we will mention your name to others who may need your help. It’s so refreshing to know that honesty and integrity are not lost qualities in others. Thank you for restoring our faith, but truthfully it’s rare to find such a positive experience as ours was with you. This testimonial is our virtual hand shake as we never even met with you personally in your office. You made this matter that easy for us. Thank you.

R.W. & L.W.

A Divorce is Hard Enough
Going through a divorce is hard enough, finding an attorney to help look out for your interest and support you through this ordeal is even harder. I cannot state how fortunate I feel that I found Mr. Neil Tyra to help get me through this whole process. From the moment I met Mr. Neil Tyra, he put my heart at ease. It did not take long to find out how deeply knowledgeable he was about all legal aspects pertaining to my case. It also did not take long to find out how extremely supportive and understanding he was. Mr. Neil Tyra explained all legal matters in a way that was easy to understand and not overwhelming. In fact, it was almost as if I had someone holding my hand throughout the whole experience. His professionalism was exceptional. He always made himself very accessible to me and made sure that he thoroughly addressed all of my questions and concerns. His level of patience with me despite my indecisiveness and occasional impulsive decisions kept me grounded. With Mr. Neil Tyra as my lawyer, I always felt confident that my best interests were being looked after. I cannot overstate how immensely pleased I am with the outcome that he achieved for me for my case. It far exceeded my best hopes. For that, I will forever be indebted to Mr. Neil Tyra. Having experienced the exceptional professionalism and exemplary character of Mr. Neil Tyra, I highly recommend him without reservations to anyone who asks for a lawyer to represent their case.


Rockville Traffic Case
My experience with Mr. Tyra was outstanding. He will put you at ease with his ability to present a clear and concise case for you. He won my complex case in a few minutes using minimal, but appropriate and exact words to the judge.


Rockville Slip and Fall Case
In 2008 I was injured due to an accident. I was recommended to engage Mr. Neil Tyra to act as my attorney. Due to his expertise I received a satisfactory financial settlement. I would be glad to recommend Mr. Neil Tyra to anyone in need of an attorney.


Rockville Divorce and Child Custody
Neil Tyra is a remarkable attorney. I had a complicated divorce case and after interviewing countless attorneys, Neil assured me he could get me the results I was looking for and he did. He is extremely thorough with his work and he gave my case the personal attention it deserved. He truly cares about his clients; he listens to your concerns and sympathizes with the position you are in. He is very eloquent and presents a clear and hard case to argue. When he was done the entire courtroom was dumbfounded and it was evident it was a hands down victory for me. I would without any reservation recommend the Tyra Law firm for anyone who is looking for an exceptional attorney!


Charles County Domestic Case
A friend of mine referred me to Mr. Tyra about 4 years ago when I was having problems with respect to a post domestic matter. Before our first actually meeting, we talked on the phone a couple of times so when we did meet, I felt like I have known him for years. Not only does he know the law he also has a very special quality about him whereby you are at ease and very comfortable. Mr. Tyra puts “the cards on the table” and he also discusses with you every option available. I have recommended friends and colleagues all of whom can’t thank me enough.


Montgomery County Parking Lot Accident
Neil has fought to ensure I receive fair compensation when I was injured in an automobile accident in the past. But more importantly, he cared about how I was feeling and how the injury was affecting my life. It’s this type of personal attention that helped me make it through a difficult situation. He provided support in addition to getting me a settlement that compensated me fairly. Every step of the way he did what was in my best interest. Thank you, Neil!


Gaithersburg “T-Bone” Car Accident Case
Neil was always on top of our case and worked tirelessly on our behalf resulting in a fair resolution.