Prenuptial Agreements

Consider How a Prenuptial Agreement Can Help You Now and in the Future

Many couples are reluctant to discuss prenuptial agreements. They say to themselves, “Why should we think about the possibility of divorce when we are not even married yet and we are in love?” Unfortunately, one in two marriages in the United States end in divorce. You may think that such an outcome is impossible in your case, but many couples have thought the same thing and suffered severe financial consequences.

Here at The Tyra Law Firm, we understand the reluctance of couples to create a prenup, but experience has taught us that most couples should at least consider one, particularly couples in which one prospective spouse, or both, owns a significant number of assets. If handled properly, a prenup can make the process of divorce smoother, less contentious and considerably less expensive. We will work with you closely to gain an understanding of your needs and goals, and draft a prenuptial agreement to address all of them.

You may even be surprised that some couples have found that the process of creating a prenup actually brought them closer together. Working together on a prenup can help improve communication and make sure both parties are on the same page regarding their future together. When handled properly, a prenup doesn’t have to be a negative thing.

If you are looking for experienced legal counsel in creating a prenuptial agreement, contact Rockville prenuptial agreement attorney Neil Tyra today for a consultation.