“Nothing’s Changed”: The Truth about Old Estate Plans

As a responsible parent, business owner, homeowner, or caregiver, you wrote a will. You have a Power of Attorney. You even have a complete Advance Medical Directive. So, you’re done, right? Sure, those documents were completed fifteen years ago, but nothing’s really changed since then, has it? At The Tyra Law Firm, we run into this line of reasoning fairly often. We totally understand finally completing your Read More

Gen X and Millennials: Have You Talked to Your Parents About Estate Planning?

In our line of work, there are two main reasons why people come to an attorney for an estate plan. One is to choose guardians for minor children in the event that both parents pass away. That’s a great reason and is incredibly important. But what if you don’t have little ones running around? The other reason people usually want an estate plan is to preserve all the “stuff” (read: houses, bank accounts, family Read More

There is Just So Much a Will Can’t Do

When people hear the phrase “estate planning,” their minds usually jump to the Last Will and Testament. While a Will is generally the simplest form of estate planning, it does not do what most people think it can. Often, a Will drafted with an attorney or using an online service or DIY form does not do what the drafter thought it would when he or she put it together. So, What Does a Will Do? Basically, all a Read More

Pre-Retirement Estate Planning List

Have you been thinking about retirement? Do you feel ready to take the big leap? If you are like most people, you are excited about the prospect of retirement but not too sure whether it’s possible for you. The decision to retire can be an emotional one, but it’s important to be able to organize your financial and legal obligations before you take the plunge. Being fully prepared for retirement doesn’t mean that Read More

Busting the Myth: Estate Planning Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

Have you been meaning to get around to estate planning, but you just can’t find the time? One of the reasons I hear most often from people putting off planning is that they don’t have enough time. Really, they aren’t saying they don’t have time for a one hour meeting with an attorney. What they mean is they don’t have time for all the stuff that comes before meeting with an estate planning lawyer. There is a myth Read More

Are Cryptocurrencies a Good Way to Build Generational Wealth?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last ten years or so, you have probably heard of cryptocurrencies like BitCoin. However, having heard of cryptocurrency has no bearing on whether you actually understand what it is and how it works. In fact, it’s absolutely possible that you own some cryptocurrency and don’t fully understand how this asset will function as a part of your estate. So, that’s where I come Read More

What is Your New School Year Resolution?

Back to school season can be a bittersweet time -- on the one hand, it’s so hectic, it can seem impossible to fit anything else in. On the other, you finally have the kids back in school, returning to after school activities, and you regain a few pockets of time during the day that are in your control. My children are now grown, but I remember thinking of back to school season as a kind of second New Year. It’s an Read More

Incorporating IP into Your Estate Plan

As you prepare your estate plan, the most obvious assets that jump to mind are likely things like heirlooms, real estate, and bank accounts. However, you may be overlooking some of your most valuable assets. Your intellectual property has value, and it is just as important to include in an estate plan as any other asset you own. The copyrights, patents, and trademarks you own will continue to live on after you die, Read More

Do You Need to Update Your Estate Plan During Your Divorce?

If you have recently gone through or are currently navigating a divorce, you may be feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and tired of meeting with lawyers. It seems like there is so much to do: separate assets, sell or move homes, negotiate a custody agreement, and settle daily living expenses. It is a lot, but there is one more thing that is often overlooked and is equally as important: updating or creating an estate Read More

“My Parents Probate Couldn’t Possibly Be That Bad” 5 Reasons You Could Be Wrong

Have you asked your parents about their estate plans? Chances are, it feels like a delicate subject. We don’t want to pry, or seem like we’re waiting for our parents to pass, so we don’t ask. We think, “It’ll be ok if they don’t have a plan. Probate couldn’t possibly be that bad.” In this way, we convince ourselves that the burden of probate is easier than having an uncomfortable conversation with our parents. It Read More