When Will I Become Jaded?

I'm sure it will come at some point. Listening to all of my esteemed colleagues, who have been practicing far longer than I have, moan and groan about the system and about judges in particular, makes me wonder when I will become equally jaded. Because to date, I have been remarkably surprised about how accommodating the court has been towards me and my clients. There have been times when my clients have been late for Read More

Should You Settle Your Case?

Like most legal questions, the answer is generally it depends. My practice concentrates on two primary areas of law: family law (divorces, child custody) and personal injury law (automobile accidents, slip & falls). Settling the case means different things in each discipline but generally it refers to resolving the issue without have the court make the ultimate decision. The court may help along the way by Read More

In Case of an Accident – Preserve Your Personal Injury Case

There are lots of list available on the internet about what to do in case of an accident. And in fact, there are lists of what not to do. Anthony Castelli presents such a short, but informative list, on his website. Here is my take on things you should do to preserve the potential of your personal injury case. Remember, not all accidents result in personal injury and not all personal injuries end up in a lawsuit. Read More

Ten Items to Have in Your Car in Case of an Emergency

This whole train of thought flowed (no pun intended) from the water main break that flooded River Road in Montgomery County and stranded several drivers. I was wondering what people, particularly attorneys, thought you should keep in your car in case of emergencies. The following list compiles some of the responses I received. As a personal injury attorney, these are the things I wish my clients would keep in their Read More

A River Runs Through It

So you may have seen the footage of the people being rescued from their cars on River Road in Potomac, MD after a giant water main break on a frigidly cold morning. I travel that road all the time so it hit home just a little too close. One of the issues during the rescue was that the bitter cold, combined with the water and the rotor wash from the rescue helicopter was that the windows could not be rolled down as Read More