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Wearable Technology for the Elderly

Just made it back from NYC before the snow storm hit. While I was on the train I had the time to go back and read some articles I had archived from awhile ago. This one in particularly is interesting as it combines two things I spend a lot of time thinking about lately: wearable technology and how we can help our aging seniors. The concept of the "lifeline" that alerts medical personnel when a senior has fallen or is Read More

Protect Yourself – Get Long Term Health Care Insurance!

In the seminars I do regarding medicaid planning and elder law, I often tell my audience that the single best thing they can do to protect themselves in their latter years is to purchase long term health care insurance. In fact, I tell my peers and younger friends that the best thing you can do for yourselves, even now, is to buy long term health care insurance. Why? Because the cost of a nursing home, assisted Read More