Law Practice Management Using Daylite 3

When I first opened my solo practice, one of the first questions I confronted was "What am I going to use to manage my practice?" Being a long time Apple Mac fan boy, I knew that it had to be Mac based as that is the only hardware platform I would consider. At the time, there was no iPhone nor iPad to extend the office virtually so my focus was on a package that could run on both my office and home systems. And for Read More

Rapper Lil Wayne Not Quite the Performer He Thinks He is in Depositions

My son Clark sent me this link this morning and I could only shake my head. Unfortunately, some people think they can misbehave in depositions and court and that it won't come back to hurt them. Keep in mind that rapper Lil Wayne was the one suing Quincy Jones over a documentary that the latter made about him. So he is trying to win his case rather than playing defense and trying not to lose the case. So it behooves Read More

Does the Law School Make the Lawyer? I Hope Not!

A recent Washington Post article detailed the sad tale of attorney, Joseph Rakofsky. D.C. Superior Court judge, William Jackson, declared a mistrial in a murder case this past Friday so that the defendant could fire his lawyer - namely, Joseph Rakofsky. The attorney was a 2009 graduate of the Touro Law School. Among other things, the trial judge was blunt in his assessment of the attorney's level of expertise stating Read More