Rapper Lil Wayne Not Quite the Performer He Thinks He is in Depositions

My son Clark sent me this link this morning and I could only shake my head. Unfortunately, some people think they can misbehave in depositions and court and that it won't come back to hurt them. Keep in mind that rapper Lil Wayne was the one suing Quincy Jones over a documentary that the latter made about him. So he is trying to win his case rather than playing defense and trying not to lose the case. So it behooves Read More

I Can’t Afford a Divorce!

A fascinating article in the Washington Post confirmed what family law practitioners in Montgomery County have known for some time now - that many people simply can not afford to get a divorce as a result of the current economic recession. For many couples, the downturn in the economy and in particular the fall in housing prices makes it almost impossible to afford to end an unhappy marriage. For most people, their Read More

Leaving It To the Court to Decide

This story has been told by judges and family division masters in Montgomery County many times but it bears repeating. A couple stands before the judge in a highly disputed child custody case. The judge turns to the mother and says, "Ma’am, do you love your child?" To which she replies, "Of course I do!" He then turns to the father and asks the same question. “But of course I love my child.” The judge turns to them Read More

Should Maryland Recognize Out-of-State Same Sex Marriages?

The question is obviously highly political. But it is about to come to a head here in Maryland as we await a legal opinion from Attorney General Doug Gansler as to whether or not under Maryland law same sex marriages that are legal in other states can be recognized here in Maryland. Same sex marriages themselves are not permitted in Maryland but are in several other states (currently Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Read More

Can I Change My Name Back in My Divorce?

Frequently clients ask if they can change their name back to their maiden name or even that of a previous marriage when they get divorced. The short answer is most likely yes. Under the Family Law article of the Maryland Code §7-105, if you are seeking a divorce you may change your name back to either your name given at birth or any previous former name as long as 1) the party took the name on in marriage and no Read More

When Will I Become Jaded?

I'm sure it will come at some point. Listening to all of my esteemed colleagues, who have been practicing far longer than I have, moan and groan about the system and about judges in particular, makes me wonder when I will become equally jaded. Because to date, I have been remarkably surprised about how accommodating the court has been towards me and my clients. There have been times when my clients have been late for Read More

Should You Settle Your Case?

Like most legal questions, the answer is generally it depends. My practice concentrates on two primary areas of law: family law (divorces, child custody) and personal injury law (automobile accidents, slip & falls). Settling the case means different things in each discipline but generally it refers to resolving the issue without have the court make the ultimate decision. The court may help along the way by Read More