The Trouble With Juries

I have recently had a run of cases which have gone to trial before a jury in both Maryland and the District of Columbia. It is said that only the most difficult of cases make it to a jury because the vast majority of cases are settled before reaching the trial stage. By definition then, once you get to the point that the case is being tried, anything can really happen. There are arguments to be made on both sides and Read More

What’s Mine is Mine;What’s Ours is Mine, Too!

One of the most difficult issues to understand in a divorce action is the concept of marital property. Lawyers spend entire seminars, read full treatises, and examine statutes for hours on end to try and understand the nuances of this concept. So it is not surprising that most non-lawyers struggle with the same problem. Most people seem to think that each gets half of all the "stuff". It's not that Read More

Albert: Tell Your Lawyer to Shutup!

There are times you want your attorney to zealously advocate on your behalf and there are times you want them to just shut up! I would think that in the case of Albert Haynesworth and his attorney A. Scott Bolden that this is one of those times when you wish for the latter. Haynesworth, currently under contract (and an enormous one at that) with the Washington Redskins, was arraigned on misdemeanor charges of sex Read More