Building a Practice: How to Get and Keep Clients

I was fortunate to be asked to make the above titled presentation at the Maryland State Bar Association's "Hanging Out A Shingle" conference at the Columbia Hilton yesterday. When Pat Yevic's asked me if I would be interested I assumed that I would be buried somewhere in the program. But lo and behold it was the first presentation of the morning before a full house of 75 attorneys. I tried to compare and contrast Read More

Judicial Difference of Opinion

I was defending a client in Baltimore County yesterday and ran into a judge that, in my humble opinion, misapplied MD Rule 10-104. His position was that after Plaintiff files the 10-104 that the medical treatment and cost is "presumed" to be fair and reasonable and proximately caused if the doctor so states in the records. And furthermore, that if the Defendant wishes to challenge that, they can enter their own Read More

Four Times a Charm?

The fourth opening on the Circuit Court for Montgomery County was created by the announcement that The Honorable William J. Rowan, III will retire effective April 4, 2009. The vacancy is to be filled by appointment of Governor Martin O’Malley. The Governor has the opportunity to go in a different direction from his last three appointments and select a candidate who currently serves on the bench of the District Court Read More

The Four Pillars of Social Media Legal Marketing

Anthony Castelli posted the following questions on the LinkedIn Trial Networks Group: How do you use linkedin to get personal injury or workers compensation cases? Especially for your geographica area. I think LinkedIn is a difficult platform to use to drive PI/WC clients to your firm. More appropriately, in my humble opinion, is that it has to be part of your broader social media marketing program. I am in the Read More

Montgomery County’s Newest Circuit Court Judge

Governor Martin O'Malley yesterday announced the selection of Richard E. “Rick” Jordan to fill the upcoming vacancy on the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, replacing the retiring Honorable S. Michael Pincus. In less than a year,  the Governor has appointed three new judges to the highest level county court. Back in September 2008 he appointed Honorable Steven G. Salant and Sharon V. Burrell to the bench. While Read More

Live Younger – Need Help Now

So I am reading "Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy Until You're 80 and Beyond" by Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge, MD. Problem is, I need it to work tomorrow, if not sooner. How come I was the only one who received this as a Christmas gift from a family member? So apparently I have to learn to be a bit more selfish and put myself first when it comes to being healthy. I got the selfish and putting myself Read More

Ten Items to Have in Your Car in Case of an Emergency

This whole train of thought flowed (no pun intended) from the water main break that flooded River Road in Montgomery County and stranded several drivers. I was wondering what people, particularly attorneys, thought you should keep in your car in case of emergencies. The following list compiles some of the responses I received. As a personal injury attorney, these are the things I wish my clients would keep in their Read More

Changing the Leopard’s Spots

I'm starting to get the hang of this blog thing. So I have updated the theme to be more of a legal feel. Not exactly happy with how it looks so now I have to explore other options or developing one of my own. Any suggestions? Read More

Geek Alert

I finally was able to upgrade to WordPress 2.7. I am sure that it would have been easier to build a rocket capable of flying to the moon. But the whole concept of how the website and the blog subdomain are organized and how to FTP files to that part of the directory structure is like trying to learn a foreign language for me. I can do it, but it takes forever and is very frustrating. And I have a degree in computer Read More

A River Runs Through It

So you may have seen the footage of the people being rescued from their cars on River Road in Potomac, MD after a giant water main break on a frigidly cold morning. I travel that road all the time so it hit home just a little too close. One of the issues during the rescue was that the bitter cold, combined with the water and the rotor wash from the rescue helicopter was that the windows could not be rolled down as Read More