Skin in the Game

Should a personal injury attorney require his clients to pay up front for out-of-pocket expenses incurred on behalf of their case? To be honest, I never really gave this question much thought. When I opened my solo practice I just did what my old firm did. I paid the out of pocket expense out of my pocket; and, hopefully, recouped them at the end of the case when it settled or a favorable judgment was entered. A Read More

What’s In Your Legal App Folder?

As this is supposed to be a blog that addresses the use of Apple products in a law firm, I thought we would do the standard end of the year app review. While I have not yet incorporated the use of these products in the courtroom, I do use them all of the time while in the office, on the road, and at home. There are some real Mac studs out there using all kinds of Apple hardware and related software products in really Read More

Virtually in the Courtroom

The recent Lululemon murder trial provided an opportunity to literally monitor the trial in great detail, in near real-time, from anywhere literally in the world. I followed the courtroom action via Twitter by saving the hashtag search term #lululemon. A hashtag is a way to filter the billions of tweets (Twitter messages) down to the item of interest. In this case, the reporters and courtroom observers who were live Read More

Murder, Martial Arts, and Macs!

Seems like a couple of themes are coming together to prompt me to get back to posting. Sadly, it is the tale of a gruesome murder here in Montgomery County - the trial for which is about to wrap up. Brittany Norwood stands accused of first-degree murder in the killing of Jayna Murray inside the Lululemon Athletic store in Bethesda earlier this year. Courtroom observers are reporting on Twitter today that the Read More

Albert: Tell Your Lawyer to Shutup!

There are times you want your attorney to zealously advocate on your behalf and there are times you want them to just shut up! I would think that in the case of Albert Haynesworth and his attorney A. Scott Bolden that this is one of those times when you wish for the latter. Haynesworth, currently under contract (and an enormous one at that) with the Washington Redskins, was arraigned on misdemeanor charges of sex Read More

Is Apple Following Me?

I don't know who broke the story first, but Fox News and CNN both have reports out, as do others, breathlessly warning iPhone and iPad 3GS users that a "secret file" is stored on your device which allows Apple to track your whereabouts at all times. They infer that this information could fall into the wrong hands - quoting that Apple has "made it possible for anyone from a jealous spouse to a private investigator to Read More

Does the Law School Make the Lawyer? I Hope Not!

A recent Washington Post article detailed the sad tale of attorney, Joseph Rakofsky. D.C. Superior Court judge, William Jackson, declared a mistrial in a murder case this past Friday so that the defendant could fire his lawyer - namely, Joseph Rakofsky. The attorney was a 2009 graduate of the Touro Law School. Among other things, the trial judge was blunt in his assessment of the attorney's level of expertise stating Read More

1Password Is The Way to Go!

As I mentioned, one of my longstanding and only recently realized New Year's resolutions was to get a handle on my password security. If you are like me, you have literally dozens, if not hundreds, of login/password combinations to try and manage. Email accounts, websites, bank accounts, etc. And like most people, it is easy to fall into the trap of just using one password for everything. And therein lies the Read More

Back in the Saddle Again (and secure)!

So I have been offline for months now. I would like the say that most of that time off was due to circumstances beyond my control. Well, I would like to say that and it's partially, although not entirely, true. Many months ago I was informed by my internet service provider (ISP) that my blog had been corrupted and taken off line. As it turns out, the bad guy hackers had somehow managed to hijack my blog site and were Read More

I Can’t Afford a Divorce!

A fascinating article in the Washington Post confirmed what family law practitioners in Montgomery County have known for some time now - that many people simply can not afford to get a divorce as a result of the current economic recession. For many couples, the downturn in the economy and in particular the fall in housing prices makes it almost impossible to afford to end an unhappy marriage. For most people, their Read More