Providing For Your Pet After You Pass – Using a Pet Estate

Whatever your reaction to pet estate planning, I know that you adore your pet. In fact, statistics show that you feel even more strongly than that. In a recent poll, 9 out of 10 people said that their pet was considered a member of the family. But, have you considered what will happen to your pet after you’re gone? Take a look at the graphic we created this week about pet estate planning. It provides a quick Read More

How the SECURE Act Could Change Your Estate Plan

For many, your IRA is the largest asset in your estate. Yes, even larger than your home or your investments. Why? Because you worked hard to save for retirement. You have dutifully contributed to your IRA over the years knowing that, not only is your IRA your safety net in retirement, but it is also a handsome nest egg that can be passed on for future generations. In the past, we have worked closely with clients to Read More

Facing a Dementia Diagnosis? Take These Legal Steps to Protect You and Your Family

A dementia diagnosis is scary. You and your loved ones may be feeling overwhelmed and anxious about what lies ahead. The period after receiving a dementia diagnosis is time best spent with family and friends. However, you may also be worried about what lies ahead for your loved ones and for yourself. To alleviate some worry, and to ensure that both you and your loved ones are protected, there are some legal steps you Read More

This Summer, Introduce Your College Kid to the World of “Adulting”

You may have already noticed the changes: your college kid is home for the summer with a new perspective, new friends, new interests, and maybe even a new sense of being an “adult.” He or she is taking on more responsibility and is demanding to be treated accordingly. This can be a thrilling -- albeit, terrifying -- time of shifting relationships. While your college kid may still want you to make them breakfast (and Read More

Create a Legacy that Represents Your Life

Everyone, regardless of age, status, material wealth, education, or notoriety, will leave a legacy behind. Even if we never think about our legacy, never take any actions to prepare for after our passing, each of us will still pass and leave our imprint on the world. Think about it: what if today was your last day on Earth? What kind of impression would you leave behind? How would you be remembered? Who would you be Read More

The Secret Reason People Don’t Get Around to Estate Planning

We often talk about estate planning as a gift to our loved ones. By creating a plan in advance, we help our friends and family members manage the stressful and painful time just after our passing when they need to step up to get our “affairs in order.” We talk about estate planning as a kindness to our families, by highlighting all of the ways in which a careful plan can make all the difference. Kindness Only Goes Read More

Are You a Member of the Sandwich Generation?

These days, there is a name for every generation: Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z, and each generation is loosely defined by a few key characteristics that group them together. You may have heard the term “Sandwich Generation” used lately, but what does it mean and are you a member? The term “Sandwich Generation” is used to describe middle-aged Americans who are sandwiched between two roles: caregiver for Read More

Do You Need a Simple Probate Avoidance Trust?

You have probably heard the term “trust” used before. Often it’s used in the context of a “trust fund baby,” someone who doesn’t really have to work because they always have a steady flow of money coming in from a wealthy relative. But, keeping your kids living the good life isn’t really the primary function of a trust. In fact, the majority of clients we serve really use a trust to do one thing: avoid Read More

“My Parents Probate Couldn’t Possibly Be That Bad” 5 Reasons You Could Be Wrong

Have you asked your parents about their estate plans? Chances are, it feels like a delicate subject. We don’t want to pry, or seem like we’re waiting for our parents to pass, so we don’t ask. We think, “It’ll be ok if they don’t have a plan. Probate couldn’t possibly be that bad.” In this way, we convince ourselves that the burden of probate is easier than having an uncomfortable conversation with our parents. It Read More

Does Your College Kid Have a Plan?

The end of the school year is drawing near, and high school seniors throughout the State of Maryland are starting to make a plan. They are choosing where they want to go to college, what classes they want to take, what dorms they want to occupy, what interests they want to pursue. But, have they thought about what it means to be going out on their own for the first time? Have you? In our hearts, our college kids Read More