Back in the Saddle Again (and secure)!

So I have been offline for months now. I would like the say that most of that time off was due to circumstances beyond my control. Well, I would like to say that and it’s partially, although not entirely, true. Many months ago I was informed by my internet service provider (ISP) that my blog had been corrupted and taken off line. As it turns out, the bad guy hackers had somehow managed to hijack my blog site and were using it to do who know what nefarious things. So Google discovers that, because Google knows everything, and shortly thereafter the site is taken down. The only remedy seemed to be to delete the site and re-upload it. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, somehow I was able to do that. I am not entirely sure I know how I did it. It involved downloading a new version of WordPress (the platform that many if not most blogs are built on), downloading a new WP theme, uploading to my ISP host via something called FTP, placing a chicken in a paper bag, and swinging it over my head while hopping on one foot. I honestly don’t know how I did it but somehow it worked and the blog site was back up.

So after a few weeks of neglect, I went to go add some content to the site only to discover the site had been taken down again! The bad guys were back in business. This time I paid my ISP support department to clean everything up and reinstall the blog. So they did and we are back up and running.

Now my plan is to rededicate myself to working on the blog and adding interesting content – interesting that is to me and by extension hopefully to you. And… to insure that we don’t have another repeat of the bad guys winning, I have finally acted on a New Year’s resolution made way too long ago to implement the use of the application 1Password by Agile Web Solutions to generate and manage all my passwords and logins. As I am just getting started with that, I hold of writing about it until I have more experience. But thus far it looks to be perfect for securing my digital existence. Take that you bad guys!

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