Auto Accidents

Seeking Justice for Victims of Automobile Accidents

More than 41,000 people in the United State die in automobile accidents every year. Hundreds of thousands more are seriously injured. Often, these accidents are the result of factors such as:

  • Driver impairment due to alcohol, drugs, illness and/or fatigue
  • Driver distraction, such as talking on a cell phone, eating and many more
  • Mechanical failures like tires blowing out or brake trouble
  • Excess speed or reckless driving

You should know that if a lawsuit is filed, the person or party who caused the accident will likely have insurance, and the insurance company will have an army of lawyers working on its behalf. These companies, and therefore their lawyers, have a financial incentive to pay as little in compensation as they can possibly get away with.

The Tyra Law Firm has years of experience dealing with insurance companies and their lawyers in cases involving automobile accidents. We understand their tactics to avoid paying just compensation, and are dedicated to helping you obtain all of the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

If you have been injured in car crash, contact Rockville auto accident attorney Neil Tyra as soon as possible. He can quickly determine if you have a case against the party who injured you, and help you get the medical care you need now as well as the compensation you deserve in the future as the result of your injuries. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to seek legal redress for the wrong done to you. And if the insurance company or one of their representatives calls you to talk about the incident, don’t talk to them. Talk to Mr. Tyra first! He has your best interests at heart.