Do You Need a Simple Probate Avoidance Trust?

You have probably heard the term “trust” used before. Often it’s used in the context of a “trust fund baby,” someone who doesn’t really have to work because they always have a steady flow of money coming in from a wealthy relative. But, keeping your kids living the good life isn’t really the primary function of a trust. In fact, the majority of clients we serve really use a trust to do one thing: avoid Read More

“My Parents Probate Couldn’t Possibly Be That Bad” 5 Reasons You Could Be Wrong

Have you asked your parents about their estate plans? Chances are, it feels like a delicate subject. We don’t want to pry, or seem like we’re waiting for our parents to pass, so we don’t ask. We think, “It’ll be ok if they don’t have a plan. Probate couldn’t possibly be that bad.” In this way, we convince ourselves that the burden of probate is easier than having an uncomfortable conversation with our parents. It Read More

Does Your College Kid Have a Plan?

The end of the school year is drawing near, and high school seniors throughout the State of Maryland are starting to make a plan. They are choosing where they want to go to college, what classes they want to take, what dorms they want to occupy, what interests they want to pursue. But, have they thought about what it means to be going out on their own for the first time? Have you? In our hearts, our college kids Read More

Treat Your Mom this Mother’s Day (and Invest a Little in Yourself, Too!)

Have you already bought your mom something special for Mother’s Day? If you are behind on your shopping, don’t panic! There is still time to get her something thoughtful, meaningful, and memorable. Sure, it’s not the first thing people think of when they think “Mom,” but it is incredibly important. We’re talking about creating a plan. A plan for if Mom gets ill or becomes incapacitated as she gets older. A plan Read More

Planning for Passing: There is End-of-Life Support Available

Death is never an easy subject. However, it is an important topic that touches each and every person. So why is it so hard to talk about? For many of us, death is not a part of our daily lives. In fact, we tend to go out of our ways to remove ourselves from death altogether. The result? This distance can build fear, anxiety, and a lot of mystery around the concept of dying. What is End-of-Life Planning? End-of-life Read More

What Happens to Your Student Loans When You Die?

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you know that student loans are bigger and more common than ever before. There is currently over $1.45 trillion in outstanding student loan debt in the United States, and 42 million Americans have some amount of student loan debt (the average borrower owes over $30,000). Despite student loans being incredibly common, there is still a lot student loan borrowers don’t know Read More

Spring is in the Air! There’s No Better Time to Clear Out Your To Do List

Spring is a time of renewal, new growth, and possibility. Although many of us experience a burst of energy as the days grow longer and the weather gets warmer, it often doesn’t last long. In just a few weeks, our lives will begin to bustle with summertime preparations and an ever-growing To Do list. So, how can we make the most of the calm before the storm? Clear out those lingering tasks that have been sitting on Read More

Your Digital Footprint: 5 Steps to Managing the Virtual Afterlife

1. Assessing Your Impact: What’s Included in Your Digital Footprint? You may not realize this, but throughout your lifetime, you have been making an imprint on the virtual world. When you pass, your digital footprint will remain behind. What’s included in your digital footprint? Personal correspondence (emails, text messages, etc.) File and documents (both on your devices and in the cloud) Read More

Protecting Your Child with a Special Needs Trust

If you have a loved one with disabilities or special needs, you have likely thought about how you will protect and provide for them after you pass. Providing for a loved one with special needs does not need to be difficult, but it should be done carefully to avoid any unintended consequences. An experienced attorney can help you tailor a plan to provide for your loved one in a way that supports a fulfilling lifestyle Read More

Hiring a Professional Pays

In the United States, the majority of individuals don’t have any estate planning documents in place. Why is that? For some, it is difficult and uncomfortable to confront their own mortality. For others, there is a perception that the estate planning process is expensive or only meant for people who are already “successful.” To address this phenomenon, there have been a wave of “budget” and “DIY” estate planning Read More