A River Runs Through It

So you may have seen the footage of the people being rescued from their cars on River Road in Potomac, MD after a giant water main break on a frigidly cold morning. I travel that road all the time so it hit home just a little too close. One of the issues during the rescue was that the bitter cold, combined with the water and the rotor wash from the rescue helicopter was that the windows could not be rolled down as they were frozen. Someone in the office said “Why didn’t they just break out the windows?” to which another said “It is impossible to do from inside the car. I saw it on Mythbusters”. And it got me thinking… what would you do? Turns out there is a whole set of products for helping you get out of a car that you are trapped in. So as a belated Christmas present, my family are all getting the ResQMe, the keychain version of the LifeHammer. This little baby cuts the seat belt off of you and breaks out the window with little to no effort.Next, I’ll post a list of items, culled from a series of email responses, we all ought to have in our cars in case of an emergency.

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